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The Live Export Collaborative Funding (Co-Funding) Program is an initiative of the MLA and LiveCorp Livestock Export Program (LEP) to support exporters of Australian livestock to international markets.

The Livestock Export Collaborative Funding Program ("Co-Funding Program") is a key initiative of the MLA and LiveCorp Livestock Export Program (LEP) established to support commercial participants (exporters and producers) in developing and implementing strategic welfare and productivity improvements in the Australian live export sector.

The aim of the Co-Funding Program is to assist exporters and producers in the delivery of risk mitigation strategies and adoption of best practice livestock management to support the growth, productivity improvements and sustainability of the livestock export industry. The Program also aims to join the improvement of supply chain productivity and efficiency with business development to improve operator competitiveness and trade sustainability. Importantly, it has been developed to facilitate the uptake and extension of research and development (R&D) outcomes, as well as assist with the processes involved in shipment preparations and on-board vessel activity during voyages.

The Co-Funding Program is designed to facilitate projects that are additional to normal commercial arrangements and which are outside of daily and routine in-market exporter staff, producer or consultant activities. That is, projects that will stimulate and facilitate broader industry and trade benefit, as well as enhancing the efficiency of individual commercial operators.

The Co-Funding Program is implemented on a fiscal year basis. To apply for the 2022-23 Program, please read the information provided on this page prior to proceeding with registration.
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Before applying for this Program, please read the documents below. For any questions regarding this Program, please contact Rashelle Levonian at

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